Yahoo! Takes Over Key Retail Categories on Google Mobile Paid Search

It has only been a few months since Yahoo! was purchased by Verizon in June, but the company is making some bold moves in paid search advertising. Namely, since September 12 Yahoo! has been quietly taking over a number of key retail categories in Google mobile search, sponsoring text ads that drive consumers to its Yahoo! Shopping pages, where they are shown Yahoo’s own text ads and product listing ads.

So far, we have only been able to find Yahoo!’s Google mobile text ads on iPhones, and not Android phones, for instance. Given the timing, we suspect Yahoo! is trying to establish itself as the place for consumers to find a huge selection and big savings on products this holiday season.

Below are examples from four retail categories—computers, televisions, jeans and toys—where Yahoo! has captured the most share of voice of any advertiser on U.S. Google mobile search since September 12.


In the computer category we analyzed U.S. Google mobile activity on 122 of the top computer-related keywords, including ‘laptop’, ‘samsung tablets’ and ‘computers’.

The following share of voice trending chart shows Yahoo! Shopping starting its conquest on September 12 and steadily capturing a majority of impressions through October 4.

Yahoo! Shopping captured a 12.9% share of voice on the keywords during the period, besting all other advertisers, including Microsoft, Samsung and Dell.


In the television category, we looked at U.S. Google mobile activity on 47 top television keywords, including ‘televisions’, ‘smart tv’ and ‘samsung tvs’.

The trending chart below shows Yahoo! Shopping steadily increasing its share of voice on the keyword group starting on September 12:

From September 5 through October 4, Yahoo! Shopping captured a 16.3% share of voice on the 47 television keywords:


Moving over to apparel, we studied U.S. Google mobile activity on 52 top jeans keywords, including ‘jeans’, ‘high waisted jeans’ and ‘jeans for women’.

Yahoo! Shopping again begins its takeover of the category starting modestly on September 12:

Between September 5 and October 4, Yahoo! Shopping captured a 17.6% share of voice on the jeans keywords:


Yahoo! Shopping was the top player on 237 of the most popular toy keywords as well over the last 30 days, including ‘rc car’, ‘toys’ and ‘barbie dream house’.

Once more, Yahoo! Shopping begins its drive toward dominance on September 12:

Over the 30-day period, Yahoo! Shopping captured a whopping 27.4% share of voice on the 237 top toy keywords:

The four retail product categories analyzed above were not the only categories where we saw Yahoo capturing significant share of voice since September 12. We also found Yahoo! Shopping ranked 2nd in share of voice for Furniture, Home Decor, Garden & Patio and Dresses, as well as 3rd in share of voice for Refrigerators.

Retail advertisers would be wise to take note; Yahoo!’s paid search efforts on Google mobile may be a prelude to an even larger campaign in the fourth quarter.