Top Consumer Product Keywords in UK Paid Search

AdGooroo published a ranking of the top consumer product keywords in the UK by desktop text ad spend from June 2016 through May 2017.

Seven of the top 20 keywords in the ranking were mobile phone terms, including five iPhone keywords that generated £8.9 million in spend during the 12-month period. The term ‘iphone 7’ topped the ranking with £5,653,549 in spend. For comparison, there was just one Samsung mobile keyword among the top 20 terms–‘samsung galaxy s6’, which generated just over £383,000 during the 12 months studied.

Home & garden terms made up another large block, accounting for six of the top 20 keywords, including ‘fitted wardrobes’ (£923,460), ‘mirrors’ (£631,504), ‘beds’ (£578,610), ‘rattan garden furniture’ (£514,752), ‘hot tubs’ (£504,892), and ‘garden furniture’ (£397,895).

In the jewelry category, popular charm bracelet brand ‘pandora’ ranked second with nearly £2 million in spend while ‘engagement rings’ ranked fourth with nearly £1.4 million in spend.

The sole apparel term in the top 20 is ‘prom dresses’ (£350,177), demonstrating the impact this longstanding U.S. tradition has had on the U.K. market. The end-of-year school dance is relatively new in the U.K., having traveled across the Atlantic by way of American television shows over the last decade or so, but is now reportedly celebrated in more than 85% of British schools.

Lastly, although consumer tech products made up 8 of the top 20 keywords, including 7 mobile phone terms and the keyword ‘laptops’,  the terms ‘catalogues’ and ‘catalogue’ both made the top 20 ranking as well, showing that traditional mail order shopping, which has been around since the mid-19th century, is still a part of UK consumer shopping habits.