Super Bowl 2015 – Big Brands vs. Ticket Sellers in Paid Search Advertising

The Super Bowl is arguably the most high profile advertising event in the U.S. today. With so much riding on the big game for advertisers, AdGooroo decided to take a look at who’s leading in Paid Search activity in the final week before Super Bowl XLIX is broadcast.  

To do so, we examined Paid Search text ad impression share (Share of Voice) on 164 Super Bowl-related keywords on U.S. Google from January 24-26, including terms such as ‘super bowl’, ‘super bowl commercials’ and ‘super bowl tickets’.

Big Brands Maximize TV Effort

Super Bowl 2015 Share of Voice - AdGooroo

A 30-second TV spot during Sunday’s game reportedly costs a record $4.5 million.  It’s not surprising then to find some of this year’s Super Bowl commercial sponsors maximizing their broadcast effort with a robust Paid Search campaign.

Toyota’s Lexus leads all advertisers in Share of Voice this week, garnering a 10.2% Paid Search impression share while promoting its new Lexus NX model.

Third in the ranking is PepsiCo’s Doritos, with a 9.1% impression share for its annual interactive promotion Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light (4.6%) is next among big brand advertisers, offering search ads that direct consumers to its “Real Life PacMan” commercial, which will run during the game.

Ranked 9th in Share of Voice is Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz (5.49%), whose site offers a preview of its Tortoise vs. the Hare commercial for the new GT S.

Interestingly, Mars, Inc.’s is not running a TV ad during the game but is advertising on Super Bowl keywords in Paid Search to promote its customized Patriots and Seahawks M&M candies for Super Bowl parties. (Mars, Inc.’s Skittles and Snickers will both run TV ads during the game.)

Super Bowl 2015 MyMMs

YouTube Helps

Although there were only 4 Super Bowl TV sponsors in the Top 20 for Paid Search Share of Voice, Google is helping take up the slack by directing searchers to (Google-owned) YouTube to view videos of Super Bowl commercials. Gaining a 4.5% impression share, YouTube’s ads during the period included promotions for Pepsi, Toyota Camry, Snickers, McDonald’s and Budweiser.

Super Bowl 2015 YouTube Ads

Ticket Sellers Flourish

Super Bowl commercials aren’t the only high price item involving the game. Tickets to this year’s event are reportedly going for record amounts as well (as much as $6,459 each). As such, ticket sellers are well represented on the list, accounting for 16 of the Top 20 advertisers controlling Share of Voice on Super Bowl terms.

Ranked 2nd among all advertisers is, which essentially equaled Lexus’ effort with a 10.1% impression share. Perhaps reflecting an increasing interest in the NFL by the Hispanic community, TicketNetwork’s Spanish language site is next among ticket sellers with close to a 5% impression share, followed by the main site (3.6%) and (3.5%). TicketNetwork’s also made the ranking with a 3.3% impression share.

Notably, all of these sites outperformed household name ticket brands Ticketmaster (2.5%) and eBay-owned StubHub (2.8%) during the period.