Step 5: Budget Analyzer

Budget Analyzer estimates competitors’ ad spend, clicks, clickthrough rates, and average cost-per-click. Budget Analyzer requires that there be at least 25 keywords in the keyword group in order for it to be enabled.


To enable Budget Analyzer for a keyword group:

  1. Read the terms and conditions
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the first checkbox below the terms and conditions
  3. Enable Budget Analyzer by clicking the 2nd checkbox

Please read the terms and conditions! They contain important info on how best to use the estimates.

Calibrate Budget Analyzer estimates

Additionally, data from your Google AdWords account can be used to calibrate Budget Analyzer’s estimates. If the keyword group is synced with your Google AdWords account, Budget Analyzer will know how accurate its estimates are and can use that information to calibrate other advertisers’ estimates.

For example, let’s say that Budget analyzer is estimating that your CPC for a keyword is $1.00, but your actual CPC for the keyword is $1.05. Budget Analzyer’s estimate for the keyword is off by 5%. Since Budget Analyzer knows it’s estimate is off by 5%, it can calibrate the CPC estimates for other advertisers by 5% as well.

You can have Budget Analyzer calibrate estimates just once or daily.

  1. For daily calibration, check the 3rd check box below the terms and conditions. This will import the data from your Google AdWords account each morning, and will calibrate the estimates according to that day’s data
  2. To have Budget Analyzer perform a one-time calibration, click the Calibrate Spend Estimates Now link. This will perform a one time calibration using the latest data from your Google AdWords account. Please note that this will overwrite any manual adjustments made in SEM Insight

When finished, click the Next button to save your changes.