Step 3: Synced Keywords

If the keyword group is synced with Google Adwords, the Synced Keywords screen is displayed. This screen enables you to choose keywords from your Google Adwords account to monitor in SEM Insight. If you are not syncing this keyword group with Google AdWords, proceed to the Unsynced Keywords step.

All of the keywords from the synced Google AdWords account are displayed by campaign in the Available Keywords list on the left. A campaign can be expanded/collapsed by clicking on its name.

Add/Remove a keyword

To monitor a keyword in SEM Insight, drag the keyword from the Available Keywords list to the Synced Keywords list. Multiple keywords can be selected using the CTRL key, or by dragging a box around them.

  1. If a keyword is in multiple campaigns, SEM Insight will only sync that keyword’s data from one campaign. Data from all AdGroups in the campaign will be summarized
  2. To remove a keyword from the Synced Keywords list, drag it to the Available Keywords list

Unsynced Keywords

The Unsynced Keywords list will appear at the bottom of the screen and displays keywords that are being monitored in SEM Insight, but are not synced with Google AdWords. A keyword can become unsynced from Google AdWords for the following reasons:

  1. It is not in your Google AdWords account and was manually entered in the Unsynced Keywords screen
  2. SEM Insight has not received Google AdWords data for the keyword in 31 days

To sync an unsynced keyword:

Drag the keyword from a campaign in the Available Keywords list to the Synced Keywords list.


Both the Available Keywords list and Synced Keywords list can be filtered using the Apply Filter button.

  1. The filters are useful for helping determine which keywords to monitor in SEM Insight. For example, you might only want to monitor keywords in SEM Insight that have above a certain amount of clicks, or those with a higher CPC

When finished syncing keywords, click the Next button to save your changes.