Trademark Insight

Easily identify competitors, affiliates and partners who are bidding on and using your trademarked brand terms in Paid Search ads.

Get Control Over Your Brand

Get Control Over Your Brand

Easily monitor bidding incidents, ad copy incidents and hijacked URL incidents on the search engines in 50+ countries

Save Time

Save Time

Quickly identify the worst offenders by stolen clicks and impressions and know where to focus your corrective efforts

Save Money

Save Money

Stop brand infringers who are stealing your customers and driving up your marketing costs

  • Get enhanced insight into the impact each violation is having on your own campaign performance—including the number of stolen clicks and impressions
  • View your brand infringements across more than 50 countries, including identifying the regions and advertisers that are causing the most damage
  • View advertisers who are hijacking your URLs and diverting valuable traffic to their own sites.
  • Utilize enhanced reporting dedicated exclusively to helping you monitor your network of affiliates
  • Monitor infringements from the Title Line to ‘non-visible’ Destination URLs and everywhere in between. Customize to track only the copy areas that are important to your business.
  • Our one-click export feature packages up all the pertinent data you need to report violations to the search engines.

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