SEM Insight

Gain daily visibility into your top competitors’ Paid Search Text Ad and Product Listing Ad strategies for Desktop and Mobile Search, including spend, performance stats, keywords, ad copy and landing pages.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Gain a Competitive Edge

Uncover every aspect of your competitors’ campaigns to reveal their strengths and weaknesses

Be More Productive

Be More Productive

Identify problem areas in your own campaign and know exactly where to focus your time & effort

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Capitalize on campaign insights to improve ad copy, clickthrough rates, ad position and more

  • View performance at the macro and micro level, segment by product, category, branded keywords or whatever is most important for your business
  • Know every advertiser who’s competing on your keywords
  • Know when competitors start/stop advertising, change focus from one set of keywords to another, increase or decrease budget, and more
  • View your Share of Voice on specific keywords vs. competitors by data type (Text Ads, PLAs) and device (Desktop/Tablet, Mobile)
  • View the percentage of time your ads are appearing when your keywords are searched and focus on improving under-performing terms
  • Identify which keywords you are getting outperformed on
  • View your competitors’ ad copy to uncover new copy ideas & strategies to test in your own campaigns
  • View your competitors’ landing pages to find new copy, design & promotional strategies to test on your own landing pages

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