Local Insight

Gain unprecedented, daily insight into your paid search marketing campaigns at the local level, including viewing your competitors, their strategies and performance in up to 63 U.S. cities.

Know Your Competition

Know Your Competition

View your competitors and understand their strategies, strengths & weaknesses in each market

Be More Productive

Be More Productive

Identify your campaign’s problem areas in each market and know exactly where to focus your time & effort

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Capitalize on campaign insights to improve ad copy, clickthrough rates, ad position and more

  • Know every advertiser who’s competing on your keywords in each market and compare your performance
  • View competitors’ spend, performance and market-specific ad copy to understand their geo-targeted strategies, promotions and messaging across markets
  • Know every advertiser who’s competing on your keywords
  • Evaluate the competitiveness of each market, including who’s winning and losing and why. Plus gain insight into cost variances across cities for the same keyword and advertiser.
  • Utilize interactive map reporting to quickly assess each market by spend, impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, cost per click, number of advertisers or number of keywords
  • Filter results by your own selected groups of cities or regions
  • Identify keyword opportunities specific to each market

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