Comprehensive Search Marketing Data

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The World’s Largest Database

AdGooroo’s database contains the world’s largest collection of search marketing intelligence, bar none. We enable you to obtain the most clear and complete picture of your organization’s place in the search marketing landscape by delivering an unprecedented depth and breadth of data on virtually every advertiser and industry category.

A Complete Picture of the Search Marketplace

Only AdGooroo provides the complete range of paid search marketing data—including ad spend, cost per click, clickthrough rate, impressions, clicks, search volume, ad copy, landing pages, ad coverage, SERP position and more—for both traditional text ads and product listing ads across desktop and mobile. In addition, we offer a broad range of organic data, including the estimated paid search equivalent value. No other provider comes close to the level of data and insights that we offer.

A Complete Picture of the Search  Marketplace

Data You Can Trust

Marketplace Observations

Unlike other providers who rely on snippets of 3rd party panel data, AdGooroo’s search marketing data is derived from our own actual observations of the marketplace—more than 2.5 billion search engine results pages measured each month across more than 50 countries, 14 search engines and 2 million advertisers.

In-Market Servers

AdGooroo collects data via hundreds of servers that are physically located in the markets we support in order to deliver the most accurate results possible. The alternative, called geo-spoofing, is the use unauthorized hacks to simulate a user in a specific location, which fundamentally generates inaccurate data that does not match the ads that local search engine users actually see in these markets.

Proven Methodology

Our proprietary methodologies and algorithms utilize the search data we collect in conjunction with machine learning and advanced statistical modeling to accurately estimate in-market results at the keyword, ad and advertiser level. In addition, our models are verified each month against known ad spend.

Quality Assurance

Our global network is backed by a powerful, 24/7 automated Quality Assurance system and a dedicated, full-time team of engineers based in our U.S. office.

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