New Year’s Resolutions: Diet, Exercise, Surgery & Supplements in Paid Search

AdGooroo research shows that Paid Search spend in the Weight Loss, Exercise and Fitness category has spiked every January since 2011, topping out at more than $10 million last year. This in itself is probably not surprising considering that January is the month for New Year’s resolutions. However, AdGooroo’s examination of Paid Search activity in the Weight Loss category in the first 21 days of 2015 does reveal some perhaps unexpected findings.

Namely, more than half of the Top 20 Weight Loss keywords based on Paid Search spend are not related to old-fashioned dieting and exercise:

Weight Loss Top 20 Terms Jan 2015

For instance, the #1 keyword in the Top 20, by far, is ‘garcinia cambogia’, a tropical fruit that is promoted as a weight-loss supplement (most famously by Dr. Oz). Advertisers spent $327,000 sponsoring this term from January 1-21, and another $60,000 sponsoring the term ‘garcinia cambogia reviews’ (ranked at #20).

In another surprise, eight of the Top 20 keywords are related to either weight loss surgery or cosmetic surgery, including ‘gastric sleeve’ ($178,000), ‘bariatric surgery’ ($140,000), ‘liposuction’ ($136,000), ‘liposuction#’ ($87,000), ‘gastric bypass surgery’ ($72,000), ‘liposuction cost’ ($65,000), ‘weight loss surgery’ ($65,000) and ‘tummy tuck’ ($61,000).

Finally, advertisers spent a hefty sum sponsoring two keywords in the Top 20 that are specifically focused on diabetes: ‘diabetic diet’ ($234,000) and ‘diabetes diet’ ($63,000).

Notably, both the surgery- and diabetes-related keywords in the list had a high cost-per-click, averaging $7.64 and $9.02, respectively. For comparison, the two garcinia cambogia keywords averaged only a $0.96 CPC, but were searched and seen by far more people, as shown by the nearly 11 million impressions they generated during the period vs. the 4.2 million impressions generated by the 8 surgery terms, for instance.

Notwithstanding the trend toward non-traditional Weight Loss terms, the keyword in the Top 20 with the highest clickthrough rate is one that does center on a traditional aspect of weight loss and exercise: ‘ymca’, with a whopping 14.06% CTR.

Top 20 Advertisers

To gauge the top Weight Loss, Exercise and Fitness advertisers in the first 21 days of the year, we also examined Paid Search activity on the top 476 keywords in the category. The ranking includes companies from a variety of industries, including diet services, fitness program providers, retailers, dietary supplement manufacturers, exercise equipment manufacturers, non-profits, surgeons and a gym. In the Top 3 are Jenny Craig ($200,000), Weight Watchers ($179,000) and ($171,000).

 Weight Loss Top 20 Advertisers Jan 2015