New To SEM Insight: Competitor Sets

This month we re-launched our flagship search marketing intelligence tool SEM Insight™ and one of the many, exciting new features included is Competitor Sets.

Competitor Sets allow you to group specific advertisers into a set and then view AdGooroo reporting only for those advertisers.  

You can also create multiple Competitor Sets and easily switch between them—a great feature for advertisers with a diverse product selection, who are competing with different advertisers on each product line. For instance, one Competitor Set can be devoted to Computer Hardware, while another is devoted to Motherboards, and another is for your largest competitors in the general Electronics category. In addition, you can set each keyword group to have a default Competitor Set, which simplifies this process further.

Graphic: Competitor Sets for Electronics, Computer Hardware and Motherboards. You can assign a specific color to each advertiser and view a consistent color scheme in all reporting.

        SEM Insight Competitor Sets 1

The value, of course, is that you’re able to more easily and quickly view meaningful reporting on your top competitors without having the distraction of additional data for non-pertinent advertisers.

 Check out a comparison below, featuring the same report for All advertisers and then for just one Competitor Set:

SEM Insight Competitor Set Comparison

Want more info? Contact your Customer Success rep or visit our SEM Insight page to request a demo.