New Enhancements to Trademark Insight

AdGooroo has added two exciting new features to our Trademark Insight solution.

New Rollup Button

The first addition is a new advertiser ‘Rollup’ button that enables you to group all subdomains pertaining to an advertiser under the advertiser’s main domain, allowing you to see aggregated data for all of the advertiser’s domains together in one view.

How It Helps

This new way of grouping the data helps you better understand how competitors are infringing on your brand keywords and allows for a highly efficient way of counting the total number of infringements that an advertiser may be responsible for across multiple domains.

Where To Find It

The Rollup button is available for the Group Overview, Advertiser Overview and Advertiser Infringements reports and is located in the upper right hand corner of each report.

Trademark Insight New Features Rollup Button

Advertiser Group Infringements Report

The new Advertiser view in the Group Infringements report allows you to view all advertisers with infringements on a specific keyword group for a specific time period, including the infringement type and the number of infringements.

The report calculates a handful of new metrics that are only found on this report:

  • Total Bidding Infringements
  • Total Ad Copy Infringements
  • Bidding and Ad Copy Infringements
  • Bidding-Only Infringements
  • Ad Copy-Only Infringements

How It Helps

This report allows you to easily determine which competitors or affiliates are non-compliant with your brand or trademark rules by quickly identifying and quantifying all advertisers that have been repeatedly infringing on your brand keywords.

Where To Find It

To access the Advertiser view in the Group Infringements report, simply click the Advertiser button in the upper right hand corner of page, next to the Ad Copy and Keywords buttons.

Trademark Insight New Features Advertiser Group Infringements Report