If the Shoe Fits… Zappos is the Top Apparel Advertiser in Paid Search

Earlier this month AdGooroo published a report on Retail Shoe sellers and Paid Search and found that Zappos completely dominated the category on Google AdWords. No surprise, perhaps, considering that the Amazon-owned retailer has been synonymous with online shoe sales since its founding in 1999.

However, even though Zappos began selling clothes and accessories in 2007, we were not expecting to find in our latest report, Retail Apparel and Paid Search, that Zappos also dominates the Apparel category on U.S. Google AdWords.

The new report specifically examines advertising activity during Q2 2014 on the top 530 Apparel keywords based on U.S. Google AdWords spend.  Among the findings, Zappos led all advertisers in all key metrics on the 530 Apparel keywords examined, including Spend, number of Impressions, number of Clicks, Clickthrough Rate and Ad Coverage (the frequency an ad is shown on SERPs when a keyword is searched). What’s more, even when filtering out all shoe-related keywords, Zappos was still the top Paid Search advertiser.

Top 20 Apparel Advertisers

Below is a ranking of the Top 20 Apparel advertisers based on Paid Search impression share. The majority of the ranking features household name brands, including both traditional brick-and-mortar brands and online-only retailers. For instance, joining Zappos in the Top 5 are Macy’sJCPenneyNordstrom and Zappos’ parent Amazon.The ranking also includes two retailers focused on wedding and party dresses, JJsHouse.com and IziDresses.com. (For insight into their inclusion, see the Top 20 Keywords section below.)

Apparel Top 20 Advertisers Q2 2014

Top 20 Apparel Keywords

The top Apparel keywords in the second quarter are mix of generic terms (‘shoes’, ‘dresses’) and brand terms (‘christian louboutin’, ‘patagonia’). The top two keywords, ‘prom dresses’ and its variation ‘prom-dresses’ reflect the season, as do three wedding-related keywords: ‘wedding dresses’, ‘mother of the bride dresses’ and ‘bridesmaid dresses’. Interestingly, although all of the Apparel brands appearing in the Top 20 Keywords have their own retail sites, none of those sites showed up in the Top 20 Advertisers ranking.

Apparel Top 20 Keywords Q2 2014

To read the full results, download the report here.