Yahoo! Takes Over Key Retail Categories on Google Mobile Paid Search

It has only been a few months since Yahoo! was purchased by Verizon in June, but the company is making some bold moves in paid search advertising. Namely, since September 12 Yahoo! has been quietly taking over a number of key retail categories in Google mobile search, sponsoring text ads that drive consumers to its Yahoo! Shopping pages, where they are shown Yahoo’s own text ads and product listing ads.

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Fantasy Football Ad Spend Deflates in Paid Search

Judging by media buzz, ubiquitous TV advertising and consumer enthusiasm, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of Fantasy Football, the game of statistics that allows the average fan to become the GM of their own hand-selected team.

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New Report: Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Performance Metrics – 2015 Edition

Today AdGooroo released the 2015 edition of our “Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Performance Metrics” report, which analyzes U.S. paid search performance on Yahoo! Bing and Google AdWords for the full year 2014 across six verticals: Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Education, Automotive and Business.

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Amazon Leads UK Retail Paid Search This Holiday Season