If the Shoe Fits… Zappos is the Top Apparel Advertiser in Paid Search

Earlier this month AdGooroo published a report on Retail Shoe sellers and Paid Search and found that Zappos completely dominated the category on Google AdWords. No surprise, perhaps, considering that the Amazon-owned retailer has been synonymous with online shoe sales since its founding in 1999.

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Comparing PPC Metrics of Retail, Product Brand & Non-Branded Keywords in the Sporting Goods Category

With Spring springing outside, and my daydreams increasingly occupied by thoughts of outdoor fun and games, I recently completed an analysis of pay-per-click activity in the Sporting Goods shopping category (US only).
During the course of that analysis, I reviewed the Top 100 category keywords (in terms of estimated volume of AdWords queries in Q4 2011) and designated each of those keywords as Retail Brand, Product Brand or Non-Branded. Whether one or multiple words, if the keyword contained a recognizable brand name, I designated it as “Branded”. (The only exception to this was “Nordic track” which I judged to have become a generic term describing a specific type of exercise equipment.)

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AdGooroo is Becoming Kantar Media