Top Consumer Product Keywords in UK Paid Search

AdGooroo published a ranking of the top consumer product keywords in the UK by desktop text ad spend from June 2016 through May 2017.

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Prom Dress Advertising in Paid Search: Rent The Runway vs. Retailers; JJ’s House Leads All in Text Ads & Product Listing Ads

From prom to weddings, men have long been accustomed to renting formalwear for special occasions. But for women, purchasing a prom or wedding dress is far more the norm—or at least it has been.

In what may be another example of a traditional industry being ‘disrupted’, AdGooroo found Rent the Runway, which rents designer dresses and accessories for a variety of occasions, capturing a significant portion of clicks and impressions on popular prom dress keywords this spring, including ‘prom dresses’, ‘plus size prom dresses’, ‘cheap prom dresses’ and ‘short prom dresses’.

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Prom Bigger Than Weddings in Apparel Paid Search

May is prom season and a perfect time to look at this robust Apparel subcategory in paid search.

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Amazon Leads UK Retail Paid Search This Holiday Season