Prom Dress Advertising in Paid Search: Rent The Runway vs. Retailers; JJ’s House Leads All in Text Ads & Product Listing Ads

From prom to weddings, men have long been accustomed to renting formalwear for special occasions. But for women, purchasing a prom or wedding dress is far more the norm—or at least it has been.

In what may be another example of a traditional industry being ‘disrupted’, AdGooroo found Rent the Runway, which rents designer dresses and accessories for a variety of occasions, capturing a significant portion of clicks and impressions on popular prom dress keywords this spring, including ‘prom dresses’, ‘plus size prom dresses’, ‘cheap prom dresses’ and ‘short prom dresses’.

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Product Listing Ads vs. Text Ads During the Holiday Season

Since their debut in the spring of 2012, Google’s product listing ads, a.k.a. Google Shopping Campaigns, have become a vital component of paid search advertising for the retail industry. To provide insight into the role of PLAs in the paid search advertising landscape during the holiday season, we compared U.S. Google desktop PLA and Text Ad activity on the top 2500 retail keywords (based on paid search ad spend) in Q4 2015.

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Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in U.S. Paid Search

Today is Singles Day, the Chinese shopping holiday said to be the world’s biggest shopping day of the year.

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Apparel in Paid Search – How Do the U.S. and U.K. Markets Compare?

Last week we looked at Apparel advertising in Paid Search in the United Kingdom, analyzing Desktop Text Ad activity on the top 2,288 Apparel-related keywords on from January through July 2015. To provide a comparison with the U.S. market, we also examined the same number of top Apparel keywords for the U.S., 2,288, during the same time period on U.S. Google.

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Apparel and Paid Search – Q1 2015

For the first quarter of 2015, AdGooroo examined Paid Search advertising activity on the Top 1000 Apparel Keywords based on U.S. Google AdWords spend.

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Amazon Leads UK Retail Paid Search This Holiday Season