AdGooroo subscribers are provided with complimentary web training sessions. We offer weekly introductory webinars for SEM Insight. For clients outside the US, we are happy to coordinate a training session at your request.

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AdGooroo Release Notes


Industry Insight

  • The option to select the currency displayed in reports has been moved to the Appearance section of the Account Settings area.
  • The Advertiser, Date Range, Search Engine and Region will now always be exported to CSV for both advertisers in a Keyword Comparison or Advertiser Comparison report. Previously, these metrics were not always exported to CSV.
  • The width of the Chart Detail section of all reports has been increased.

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Currency Conversion

Starting on October 14th 2011, SEM Insight will automatically convert Budget Analyzer spend estimates to the currency of the region selected in reports. Currency conversions will take place daily, and will use the rates from Google’s currency converter.

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AdWords Data Import – Step 1

Step 1:Generate an AdGooroo AdWords Email address

An AdGooroo AdWords email address must be generated in order to grant it read only access to your AdWords account. Each AdGooroo AdWords email address is unique and specific to each SEM Insight Account.

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Budget Analyzer Terms and Conditions

AdGooroo Budget Analyzer Terms and Conditions

Budget Analyzer is an advanced feature of SEM Insight that allows you to model competitors’ ad spend, clicks, clickthrough rates, and average cost-per-click. This feature will be included as part of your AdGooroo SEM Insight subscription upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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Step 6: Summary/Notes

This screen displays a summary of what is being monitored in the keyword group. Click the Edit link to make changes. When finished, click the Finish button.

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Step 5: Budget Analyzer

Budget Analyzer estimates competitors’ ad spend, clicks, clickthrough rates, and average cost-per-click. Budget Analyzer requires that there be at least 25 keywords in the keyword group in order for it to be enabled.

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Step 4: Unsynced Keywords

The Unsynced Keywords screen enables you to monitor keywords in SEM Insight that are not synced from your Google AdWords account. This is useful if you are not syncing a keyword group with your Google Adwords account, or if you are testing new keywords.

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Step 3: Synced Keywords

If the keyword group is synced with Google Adwords, the Synced Keywords screen is displayed. This screen enables you to choose keywords from your Google Adwords account to monitor in SEM Insight. If you are not syncing this keyword group with Google AdWords, proceed to the Unsynced Keywords step.

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Step 2: Target Selection

  1. Click the checkbox next to each Search Engine and Region that you wish to monitor for this keyword group. When finished, click Next

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AdGooroo is Becoming Kantar Media