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Monitor Competitors

Stay on top of your paid search competitors' every move on the search engines.

Gain vital information such as your competitors’ keywords, ad spend, ad copy, clicks, cost per click and clickthrough rate, as well as changes in their bid prices, impressions and traffic. This information helps you a) figure out if a competitor has better positioning within your keywords and b) utilize the insight to reduce their advantage.

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Benchmark Performance

Quickly understand your paid search campaign's current and historical performance relative to your competitors.

Measure and report on your company’s paid search performance against both specific competitors and your industry over time. Identify problem areas in your campaigns in need of improvement.

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Improve Performance

Utilize insight into your competitors' and your own performance to maximize your campaign effectiveness.

There are many powerful ways to improve performance using AdGooroo. Among the most popular, you can improve clickthrough rates by using your competitors' best-performing ad copy as a shortcut to launch your own successful campaigns. Additionally, you can drive more traffic to your site by identifying high-value keywords you--or your competitors--are either under-performing on or not showing up on at all.

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Inform Planning

Identify historical trends in your top competitors' campaigns--and your own--to better plan your strategy.

Being able to look back on previous years' data can provide a wide range of advantages in your current planning. Among them, you can identify historical peaks and valleys in your cost per click and clickthrough rates and make adjustments in bidding and ad copy for your current plan.

From a seasonal perspective, you can identify your top competitors during key retail periods such as Holiday and Black Friday and view what they said in last year's ads, when they began deep discounting, which promotions they used such as free shipping, and more.

Taking a holistic view, you can see when your top competitors increased and decreased their budget throughout the year, and by how much, so you will know how to portion your own budget to best compete in the upcoming year. And much more.

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Protect Your Brand

Identify competitors, affiliates & partners who are bidding on and using your brand terms in paid search ads.

Receive powerful brand protection, 24 hours a day, across more than 50 countries worldwide. Save time and effort by quickly identifying the worst brand violators based on the number of clicks and impressions they have stolen from your campaign. You can also track hijacked URL incidents, keep track of affiliates separately and enjoy easy one-click exporting to report violations to the search engines.

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Maximize Your Success

Benefit from your own dedicated team of AdGooroo Customer Success professionals.

Quick and easy onboarding is only the start. As an AdGooroo client, you will be assigned your own dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager, who are with you every step of the way to help drive your team’s desired outcomes, through guidance, individual custom training, live support, business reviews and much more.

Our Customer Success team is a major competitive differentiator for AdGooroo and we are proud the provide the highest quality client service in the industry!

Whether it is training you and your colleagues, providing digital search insights or helping to build reports you need to achieve your goals, you have a team in place to help you and your teams make smarter marketing decisions.

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