Bing Nearing 50% Adoption Among US Paid Search Advertisers

According to AdGooroo’s database of search advertising activity, over 1.5 million companies advertised on search engines in the US in December. It is not surprising to note that a majority of these firms used Google AdWords. What may be unexpected news however is that over 45% of them can now be found on Yahoo! Bing Network. Continue reading “Bing Nearing 50% Adoption Among US Paid Search Advertisers”

A new beginning

Eight years ago, AdGooroo was born – almost accidentally – as a means to help drive more traffic to my sites by analyzing competitors’ paid search campaigns. To say this technology was humble is an understatement; the first AdGooroo server ran for several months from my entertainment center. And although the power of this approach was not obvious to most, word spread slowly among a small group of smart and nimble early adopters who saw similar success with their own campaigns. I fondly remember the day that one of our first users (a freelance copywriter) had to turn off his advertising because he couldn’t handle the flood of phone calls resulting from his new and improved paid search campaign.

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One day to go – Let’s look at political ads (while we can)

I’m sure voters in at least 10 states have had their fill of political ads by now. For the rest of us however, there’s only one day to go before most of the ads go away. So let’s take a look at the online political advertising landscape while we can.
Surprisingly, I would have expected political paid search advertising to peak in October. However, we are seeing a similar phenomenon as in retail where the peak spend is achieved a little early. The chart below shows that for at least in paid search, spend actually peaked last December and has been steadily dropping since (with a big drop in September). This is most likely due to a drop off in bidding since the primaries. Overall though, the numbers aren’t particularly large so we can safely assume that the campaigns are reaching voters primarily through other channels.

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Yahoo To Turn Off Site Explorer

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced that Yahoo Site Explorer will be shut down by the end of the year. While Microsoft has promised to offer a replacement backlink reporting tool, the number of links this tool will make available to webmasters is yet uncertain. Like Site Explorer, Google limits backlink data to 1,000 results and also imposes strict throttling limits on tools and other automated agents, so SEOs can expect to face increasing difficulty in procuring this data.

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The Rise of Groupon

In case you hadn’t heard, Groupon is growing at an incredibly fast rate. But what isn’t so obvious to outsiders is that Groupon competitor has been following the same trajectory. Here’s a look at their historical PPC spend in the US dating back to January, 2010. These are possibly the two fastest advertising growth curves we’ve recorded in our database to date:

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