Trademark Insight

Better protect your brand by identifying competitors and affiliates who are bidding on and using your trademarked brand terms in PPC ads.

Monitor Your Brand on the Search Engines

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Brand terms are among the most profitable and highest converting keyword phrases in any search campaign. Yet most companies do nothing to stop competitors and affiliates from advertising on their brand terms because of the difficulty in identifying offending ads. Or, they employ inefficient, manual monitoring, which requires an individual to click on one search engine page after another looking for infringing ads.AdGooroo’s Trademark Insight solves these problems by automatically identifying companies who are bidding on or using your brand terms in their ad copy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across our global network.

Monitor All Unauthorized Use of Your Brand

  • Track all competitors bidding on your terms
  • Identify affiliates and other companies that run ads that look identical to yours
  • Filter authorized third parties from reports
  • Receive daily alerts, executive summaries, day-by-day incident records and automated complaint forms

Defeat Common Evasion Strategies

  • Find ads that are intentionally turned off for your corporate headquarters (geotargeting)
  • 24/7 monitoring finds ads served outside of normal business hours (dayparting)
  • Defeat advanced keyword matching tactics by monitoring up to 200 variations of your brand terms

View Ad Copy

  • Find all ad copy that contains your brand name
  • View full ad copy behind every incident and average position of competing ads
  • Includes Yahoo! and Google destination URLs
  • View local business ads and shopping badges (Google Checkout and Yahoo! Paypal)
  • See the percentage of time infringing ads are shown

Data Quality and Reliability

  • 24/7 monitoring of your brand terms on 14 search engines in 50 countries
  • Identify ad servers or even individual affiliates (affiliate tracking codes are supported for over 155 different networks!)
  • Live data testing every 15 minutes

Licensing and Support

  • Each AdGooroo Trademark Insight subscription allows you to monitor keyword targets across any search engine and region.
  • Support options include one-on-one or group training, toll-free and email customer support, and an online knowledge base to help answer any questions you may have about the service.