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Maximize your Paid Search performance with near real-time insight into your competitors’ Text Ad and Product Listing Ad PPC campaigns for Desktop/Tablet and Mobile, including their spend/budget, CPCs, CTRs, keywords, ad copy and landing pages.

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SEM Insight—the industry’s most powerful Paid Search Intelligence tool—just got even better! We’ve completely revamped our flagship tool to enhance every aspect:

  • New! Product Listing Ad Data - SEM Insight is the ONLY source for PLA Spend Estimates, CTRs, CPCs & more!
  • New! Mobile Data – SEM Insight is the ONLY source for Mobile Spend Estimates, plus Impressions, CTRs, CPCs & more! Mobile Search data available for the following countries: U.S., U.K. Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Turkey. 
  • Faster Performance – SEM Insight is now 73% faster
  • Enhanced Data – Completely new models that deliver material improvements to the accuracy of our Spend, CPC and CTR estimates
  • New User Interface – Easier, more intuitive functionality
  • New Custom Competitor Sets – Create your own custom competitor sets and view reporting only for those advertisers
  • And more!

Why SEM Insight

SEM Insight offers unprecedented visibility into the day-to-day search landscape, including near real-time data on your top competitors’ Text Ad and Product Listing Ad campaigns across both Desktop/Tablet and Mobile Search. Data includes Keywords, Spend, CPCs, CTRs, Ad Copy, Landing Pages, and more. View complete PPC data types available »

Having this key data enables your search team to uncover every aspect of your competitors’ strategy and tactics to gain a competitive edge. In fact, SEM Insight users are three times more likely to be seen on the search engines than their top 20 PPC competitors.

SEM Insight CapabilitiesSEM Insight AdGooroo Share of Voice & Clicks

  • Identify competitors’ keywords
  • Track competing ads and split tests
  • View all landing pages
  • Dramatically increase ad copy response rate
  • Estimate your competitors’ budgets, traffic and clickthrough rates
  • Assess competitor strength and strategies
  • Find new traffic opportunities
  • Track and chart PPC rankings for all competitors
  • Query AdGooroo’s search database, the largest in the world, using free-form text

SEM Insight Benefits

Improve Your Ad Coverage

Identify which keywords have poor Ad Coverage, i.e., show up infrequently on SERPs, so you can make adjustments to your bid, ad copy and/or landing page that will help improve problem keywords and increase your overall clickthroughs and traffic.

Improve Your Impression Share

Identify both your top keywords by impressions and poor performers with the most potential for improvement, so you’ll know where to focus your time on improvements.

Identify Valuable New Keywords

Generate keyword gap analysis reports for any set of competitors, which show you which keywords your competitors are ranking for that you’re not, across our entire database. Plus, identify wasteful keywords for negative matching to further optimize your efforts.

Improve Ad Copy

Survey all ad copy in your category and filter down to only the most effective ads. Generate successful new copy ideas based on your competitors’ top-performing ads. Plus, view changes to competitors’ strategy, content and promotions within 24 hours to make timely adjustments, especially during key periods such as Holiday Shopping.

Improve Landing Page Conversions

Study your competitors’ most successful landing pages and apply your learning to your own site. Gain insight into competitors’ landing page testing, new product launches, and offers and promotions.

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SEM Insight is the ONLY source for Mobile Spend Estimates, plus Impressions, CTRs, CPCs & more!