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Healthcare Marketing

Download this insightful examination of healthcare marketing trends by Advertising Age and AdGooroo parent company, Kantar Media.
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Paid Search Advertising Index – Q2 2016

View the Q2 2016 edition of AdGooroo's Paid Search Advertising Index report, which measures quarter over quarter progress in 14 different categories, including retail (general), apparel, shoes, beauty & cosmetics, consumer electronics, jewelry, flowers & gifts, home furnishings & decor, home improvement, travel comparison sites, hotels & resorts, banking & credit cards, universities and online education, and automotive manufacturers and dealerships.
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Health & Wellness Report 2015

This special report from AdGooroo's parent company Kantar Media examines consumer health profiles and marketing trends in the Health & Wellness industry. Includes detailed analysis of AdGooroo paid search data on wearable fitness devices.
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Automotive Marketing

Download this informative report from Advertising Age and AdGooroo's parent company Kantar Media to learn how automotive marketers are maximizing ad placement, brand metrics, search strategies, mobile marketing and social media buzz.
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The Luxury Market and Paid Search

View detailed analysis of Paid Search advertising activity by Luxury Brands, their Authorized Sellers and unauthorized Discount and Resale sites, across five personal luxury categories: Apparel, Beauty & Cosmetics, Shoes, Handbags and Watches.
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Gain key insights to improve your paid search campaigns, no matter what your industry, with this in-depth look at the Sporting Goods PPC category in 2011. Learn why you may be competing for high-value keywords with companies outside your category and more.
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Mastering Search Advertising

How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords
Why do only 3% of search advertisers dominate their industries? What do they know that the other 97% doesn't? In this book, you'll discover little-known strategies that these companies use to beat established competitors, increase search traffic, and cut their customer acquisition costs with Google and Yahoo pay-per-click advertising.
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