Top Flowers & Gifts Advertisers in Paid Search for Desktop, Mobile and Product Listing Ads

With Mother’s Day almost here, AdGooroo decided to examine Paid Search activity in the Flowers & Gifts category during the first quarter of 2014, including the top advertisers in Desktop/Tablet Search, Mobile Search and Product Listing Ads, as well as the Top Flowers & Gifts keywords.

Category Spending

Flowers & Gifts advertisers spent more than $15.4 million on Google AdWords Desktop/Tablet search ads during the first 3 months of the year, averaging a healthy 4.24% clickthrough rate and $1.66 average cost per click. The category leaders in Paid Search spend on Desktop/Tablet are, and

Top 10 Keywords, Tough Competition 

Flowers & Gifts Top Keywords Q1 2014 - AdGooroo

Competition is heated in the Flowers & Gifts category on Desktop/Tablet Search, with an average of 97.5 advertisers paying an average of $4.70 for the generic keywords “flowers”, “flower delivery”, “flower” and “florist”. Even a branded term for a URL owned by FTD, “”, spawned 72 advertisers in Q1 2014. Underscoring the tough competition in the category, other branded keywords had a sizeable number of advertisers as well, including “edible arrangements” (15 advertisers), “proflowers” (14 advertisers) and “teleflora” (23 advertisers), even though the brands themselves hold a distinct advantage for their brand terms in both name recognition with consumers and Quality Score/cost per click on Google AdWords.

The Top Paid Search Advertisers in Flowers & Gifts

Desktop/Tablet Search  

Flowers & Gifts Top Advertisers Destkop Search Q1 2014 - AdGooroo

Floral wire service companies, which represent networks of local florists, dominate the Flowers & Gifts category in Desktop/Tablet paid search, led by industry giants with more than 23.5 million Desktop/Tablet Search impressions in Q1 2014, (23 million impressions) and (13.5 million impressions)., another of the largest floral wire service companies, was sixth on the list with close to 9.7 million impressions. Newer/smaller floral wire service companies on the list include (12.4 million impressions), (10.4 million impressions) and (6.1 million impressions).

Standing out from the floral companies are (9 million impressions), which offers decoratively designed fresh fruit baskets via its nationwide franchisees, and (4.5 million impressions), which seeks to provide gift buyers with a wide variety of unique, often handmade gift items. Interestingly, Edible Arrangements drove a whopping 10.27% clickthrough rate during the period—far above the Flowers & Gifts category’s already strong average CTR of 4.24% and largely from its own brand term “edible arrangements”, suggesting that its brand is top of mind with consumers searching for fruit baskets.

Mobile Search

Flowers & Gifts Top Advertisers Mobile Search Q1 2014 - AdGooroo

Based on a subset of top 50,000 keywords in Mobile Search, the Top 10 Mobile Search advertisers in the Flowers & Gifts category was similar to the leaders in Desktop/Tablet Search, with and taking the top 2 positions and and landing in the fourth and fifth positions respectively. FTD’s also made the list, along with and, both of which were among the Top 10 Flowers & Gifts advertisers in Desktop/Tablet search as well. Non-floral service companies on the list were, coming in at #3, as well as Hayneedle Inc.’s and

Product Listing Ads

Flowers & Gifts Top Advertisers Product Listing Ads Q1 2014 - AdGooroo

Leading in both Desktop/Tablet and Mobile Search, and maintain the top 2 positions in Product Listing Ads (PLAs) as well, with 12.4 million and 9.4 million PLA impressions respectively. (8.4 million impressions) moves up to the third position for PLAs from the 8th and 6th positions in Desktop/Tablet and Mobile Search. The only other advertiser from the Desktop/Tablet or Mobile Top 10 lists is, which is ranked 7th with 4.3 million PLA impressions.

Of note, while floral wire service companies dominate the Top 10 in both Desktop/Tablet and Mobile Search, half of the top PLA advertisers during Q1 2014 are non-floral companies. In the PLA list but not present in either the Top 10 Desktop/Tablet or Mobile Search advertisers are premium fruit and gift retailer (8.4 million impressions), gadget and gift seller (6.6 million impressions), (5 million impressions), (4.1 million impressions), and (2 million impressions), which offers gifts for various holidays.

The remaining floral retailer was  with 2.4 million impressions.