Bing Nearing 50% Adoption Among US Paid Search Advertisers

According to AdGooroo’s database of search advertising activity, over 1.5 million companies advertised on search engines in the US in December. It is not surprising to note that a majority of these firms used Google AdWords. What may be unexpected news however is that over 45% of them can now be found on Yahoo! Bing Network. After reducing the total for subdomains and owners of multiple websites, it is likely that Bing has near (or perhaps even more than) 50% adoption among US advertisers.

Another interesting fact to emerge is that there is still relatively little overlap between Google and Bing. Just 156,000 advertisers were found on both engines. This suggests that many companies who are not having success on Google can be found on Bing and vice versa. It also hints that Bing has plenty of room to grow.

Google and Bing