Top Spenders, Top Keywords in U.K. Paid Search

October 28, 2014 · By Jim

New research from AdGooroo examines Paid Search spending in the United Kingdom during the first half of this year.

From January to June 2014, advertisers spent a total of £783 million on Desktop/Tablet Paid Search advertising, not counting Mobile Search or Product Listing Ads. The vast majority of the Paid Search advertising expenditure—£742 million—went to U.K. Google AdWords, with an additional £41 million going to the U.K. Yahoo! Bing Network. Read More »

Naughty or Nice? It’s Going to Be a Disney, Sexy Halloween

October 22, 2014 · By Jim

If you plan to dress as a Disney-owned character on Halloween night, you are likely going to find it’s a small world after all. AdGooroo examined 1,128 Halloween costume keywords for Text Ads and Product Listing Ads on U.S. Google AdWords Desktop/Tablet from August to September this year and found that 31% of all Paid Search spend for the keyword group was for a Disney-owned character. Read More »

Advertising for Mobile Devices in Product Listing Ads

September 24, 2014 · By Jim

With the fourth quarter almost here, AdGooroo decided to examine advertising for a sure-fire hot holiday gift item, mobile devices, on what will likely be the preeminent holiday search marketing medium, Google’s Product Listings Ads (PLAs) a.k.a. Google Shopping Campaigns. Read More »