Top Paid Search Advertisers, Thanksgiving Through Cyber Monday

December 03, 2014 · By Jim

To gauge the top advertisers in Paid Search over the key Thanksgiving weekend shopping period, AdGooroo examined Text Ad and Product Listing Ad spend on 2,856 top retail keywords (based on ad spend) for U.S. Google Desktop/Tablet and Mobile Search from Thanksgiving, November 27, through Cyber Monday, December 1. Read More »

Top Spenders, Top Keywords in U.K. Paid Search

October 28, 2014 · By Jim

New research from AdGooroo examines Paid Search spending in the United Kingdom during the first half of this year.

From January to June 2014, advertisers spent a total of £783 million on Desktop/Tablet Paid Search advertising, not counting Mobile Search or Product Listing Ads. The vast majority of the Paid Search advertising expenditure—£742 million—went to U.K. Google AdWords, with an additional £41 million going to the U.K. Yahoo! Bing Network. Read More »

Naughty or Nice? It’s Going to Be a Disney, Sexy Halloween

October 22, 2014 · By Jim

If you plan to dress as a Disney-owned character on Halloween night, you are likely going to find it’s a small world after all. AdGooroo examined 1,128 Halloween costume keywords for Text Ads and Product Listing Ads on U.S. Google AdWords Desktop/Tablet from August to September this year and found that 31% of all Paid Search spend for the keyword group was for a Disney-owned character. Read More »