Tax Advertising in Paid Search

April 14, 2015 · By Jim Leichenko

Tax preparation advertisers are working down to the wire to win consumers’ business ahead of the April 15 deadline to file federal income tax returns. And they’re using Paid Search to help do it. Read More »

Expedia vs. Priceline in Paid Search

March 05, 2015 · By Jim Leichenko

In recent years the online travel booking industry has largely consolidated into a battle between two behemoths, Expedia, Inc. and The Priceline Group. Read More »

Post-Super Bowl – Share of Voice in Paid Search

February 03, 2015 · By Jim Leichenko

Last week we looked at which advertisers were leading in Share of Voice on 164 Super Bowl-related keywords on U.S. Google AdWords. This week we decided to see who’s controlling the conversation after the big game by looking at U.S. Google Paid Search Text Ad activity on the same keywords on Monday, February 2 Read More »